Atomic Hangman Jr

Play the classic game reinvented into a funny exercise of learning something! Play wisely, but also quickly. Each round always ends with the humorous demise of either your puppet or your opponents'.

Enjoy playing solo or against other players.


Learn Stuff

Impress your friends by learning lots of interesting facts.

Multiple Themes

Watch hilarious games play out in multiple themed enviroments.

Puppet Builder

Paint your own puppet character.

Single / Multiplayer

Play by yourself, online, or with friends!

Data Policy


The only data we collect or send through our servers is for multiplayer game play. This data includes potentially your gamer tag along with the timing of each letter played throughout the game round. All other stored data such as scores, achievements, and profiles will remain private to your device and/or user account on the associated platform (such as iCloud).


The following images are from actual game play. Slight differences may appear due to the device capabilities.