Bugs and Bubbles

Find out why the award winning Bugs and Buttons is loved by kids and adored by parents and professionals alike. This app is a carefully crafted collection of 18 whimsical games and activities designed to reenforce countless educational skills while providing an entertaining and healthy experience for kids.


18+ Games and Activities

Packed with over 18 awesome games and activities.

Incredible Graphics and Animations

Intriguing detail graphics come to life with fun animations.

Beautiful Musical Compositions

Music thats just as appealing to adults as it is children.

Highly Interactive

Lots of interactions from tap, drag, pinch, to tilt.

Awards and Achievements

40+ achievements to earn; including some hidden to discover.

Data Policy


This app does NOT collect any data. All saved scores, achievements, profiles, and other data is private to your device and associated platform account (ie. iCloud). All of the apps in the Bugs and Buttons series adhere to this strict policy.


The following images are from actual game play. Slight differences may appear due to the device capabilities.